About us

Our Mission


As the Second Mount Carmel Missionary Baptist Church we're called by Christ to be:


  1. A welcoming community.

  2. A witnessing community.

  3. A worshipping community.



  • Offer the opportunity for people of all ages to grow in faith and in discipleship.

  • Offer an open community which values every individual.

  • Identify and try to meet the needs of the local community.

  • Walk in partnership with other groups our community as appropriate.

  • Walk in partnership with other local churches when ever possible.


Our Vision


Is to bring men, women, boys, and girls into a personal relationship with Jesus Christ, and into responsible church membeship, through:


  1. Discipleship - Growing in the word of God.

  2. Evangelism - Going into the world for God.

  3. Stewardship - Giving to the work of God.

  4. Worship - Glorifying the worth of God.


The doors of the church are always open to everyone, no matter where you are in your life.