About us

Our Mission


As the Second Mount Carmel Missionary Baptist Church we're called by Christ to be:


  1. A welcoming community.

  2. A witnessing community.

  3. A worshipping community.



  • Offer the opportunity for people of all ages to grow in faith and in discipleship.

  • Offer an open community which values every individual.

  • Identify and try to meet the needs of the local community.

  • Walk in partnership with other groups our community as appropriate.

  • Walk in partnership with other local churches when ever possible.


Our Vision


Is to bring men, women, boys, and girls into a personal relationship with Jesus Christ, and into responsible church membeship, through:


  1. Discipleship - Growing in the word of God.

  2. Evangelism - Going into the world for God.

  3. Stewardship - Giving to the work of God.

  4. Worship - Glorifying the worth of God.


The doors of the church are always open to everyone, no matter where you are in your life.

Second Mt. Carmel Missionary Baptist Church  8438 Harper Ave Detroit, MI 48213. (313) 921-5333 or 313-921-8833. © 2017 Webmaster T.D

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